Beldi Soap with Aker Fassi

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WIN Elegance Beldi Soap with Aker Fassi comes from an ancient tradition in Morocco linked to "natural" hygiene.

It is a pasty soap obtained from Argan oil and Aker Fassi (Red Poppy Powder).

Our beldi soap is used for scrubing and exfoliating the skin in hammam and bath/shower.

It allows the elimination of the layer of dead cells without however attacking the structure of the skin.

Ingredients INCI

<!--[if !supportLists]-->-         Aqua – Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil - Potassium Hydroxyde – Papaver Rhoeas Powder

Instructions for Use:

Beldi soap with Aker Fassi is a traditional gel-like soap from Morocco made from olive oil and naturally rich in vitamin E. Applied on the entire body right at the end of a delightful hammam (steam room) the soap nourishes the skin.

You leave it as a mask for a few minutes. The Beldi soap is then scrubbed and rinsed off, gently exfoliating the skin.

Why Win Elegance Beldi Soap with Aker Fassi?

You will love using Win Elegance Moroccan Beldi Soap with Aker Fessi. It is a wonderful body treatment. It is rich in minerals and Vitamin E helping in cleansing and detoxifying your skin while leaving an extraordinary smooth and silky skin finish.

This soap is commonly used for the beauty benefits, as well as the health benefits and they, are:

Cleans skin deeply

Slows down the aging

Exfoliates the skin

Improves skin texture

Moisturizes the skin

Softens and nourishes the skin

Increases blood and lymph circulation

Rich in vitamin E and minerals

After use, your skin will be feeling smooth and silky

Remove dead skin cells and impurities

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