Argan Glycerin Soap 100 gram

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Argan Glycerin Soap 80 g is lighter and gentler on the skin, it's a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

Glycerin helps maintain the skin's natural hydration and keep it from drying out. It smoothes the skin, improves its elasticity, normalizes flaking, softens it and protects it from external aggressions.

You are beautiful … your soap should be too!

Ingredients INCI

Aqua - Glycérine - Stéarate de Sodium - Propylène Glycol - Sorbitol Laurate de Sodium - Chlorure de Sodium - Acide Stéarique - Acide Laurique - Pentétate de Pentasodium - Etidronate de Tétrasodium.

Why Win Elegance Argan Glycerin Soap?

We do believe in WIN that the product is only as good as the method and the ingredients used to make it.

WIN Elegance Soap products is organic with pure and certified ingredients. We use pure essential oils to make this soap that cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin. Our soap is lovely, good and you will love using it.

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